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What do I need to request a loan?

To get started, you need to meet some mandatory requirements – reach the age of majority and have US citizenship (some lenders require you to be a resident of the state where you are applying for a loan). Next, click "Get Started", find a lender, and fill out the application form.

How much can I borrow through

America Cash Advance does its best to satisfy every customer and provides you with the amount you need to cover urgent expenses. Therefore, you can borrow up to $12 000 and use that money as you wish. However, it is worth mentioning that the maximum amount depends on the type of loan you need.

Is my information secure?

By using, you consent to share your data with third parties, i.e. lenders. But you do not have to worry about the safety of your personal information. All the data you give us is used to verify your identity and offer you the best loan offers available. Moreover, we use strong data encryption to protect your information.

How to apply for a loan online?

Before applying for a loan, check your credit score. If it is lower than you would like, try to increase it. If you are satisfied with your FICO points, determine the amount you need and consider what type of loan will be good for you. Compare the offers of lenders, choose the best one, and fill out the application form.

What are the next steps after the application?

Once you have confirmed the application, nothing depends on you. Now you just need to wait for approval (usually a couple of minutes). Some lenders may call you back to clarify the nuances of your loan agreement. Then they send the money to your bank account, and you can use the funds right away.

What are payday loans?

Payday loans enjoy great popularity among America Cash Advance customers. This is a small amount of cash you borrow to save yourself from financial difficulties and cover emergency expenses. A payday loan is characterized as a short-term cash advance that you must repay in a single payment on your next payday.

How do payday loans work?

Payday loans are characterized by a short repayment period – traditionally, 30 days. But you can also pay off the debt earlier if you have such an opportunity. If you fail to return the borrowed money on time, you will have to pay an additional fee, and the lender will expand the due date of your cash advance. Moreover, payday loans are more expensive due to higher interest rates and fees.

Where can I get a payday loan?

You can get a payday loan both online and in store locations, for example, from a bank, credit union, and other financial institutions. Online lending companies such as America Cash Advance prove to be more beneficial to borrow money as they allow you to compare a great number of direct lenders and choose the cheapest loan.

How much can I borrow using a payday loan?

The payday loan amount depends on the state where you live as it is governed by local law. Lenders usually give a maximum of $500 or $1 000. The minimum amount is not determined, but you have the opportunity to borrow even $50. Note that some states prohibit payday lending at all. Today, there are 12 states where cash advances are illegal.

What documents do I need to apply for a payday loan?

Lenders need to know who you are and whether you meet the eligibility criteria. Thus, they usually require you to provide documents that prove your:

  • Identity – birth certificate, ID card, passport, driver's license, certificate of citizenship, etc.
  • Income – income tax returns, pay stubs, employer's contact information, etc.
  • Place of residence – proof of insurance, utility bill, lease agreement, etc.

What are installment loans?

An installment loan refers to the amount of money you borrow to cover some urgent or unforeseen expense, such as fixing a car, buying a new device or appliance, paying off debt, arranging a wedding ceremony, and so on. Installment loans are paid off over time in equal installments. Hence the name.

How do installment loans work?

The peculiarity of installment loans is their repayment period. So you borrow money and commit to paying it back in fixed parts over a certain period agreed with the lender. The life of an installment loan usually ranges from 1 to 7 years. They also come with low interest rates of up to 36% and thus, turn out to be cheap.

How much can I borrow using an installment loan?

A lot of people opt for installment loans because of their flexible amount limits. And so, you can borrow as much as $1 000, $10 000, and even $50 000. Some lending companies are willing to grant you a $100 000 installment loan. However, such offers are usually accompanied by higher interest rates.

What documents do I need to apply for an installment loan?

The documents are the same for all types of loans. Usually, there are not so many papers you need to provide, they may include:

  • Passport, social security number, birth certificate, driver's certificate, or ID card as proof of your identity
  • Employer’s contact information, pay stubs, or income tax returns as proof of income
  • Lease agreement or utility bills as proof of address

How many installment loans can you have?

You can take out two installment loans from one lender. For example, if you already have a mortgage, you can get another personal loan from the same lender, provided you meet the eligibility criteria. You can also take out multiple loans from different lending companies. But you should not do that if you are not sure that you can repay the debt.

What are car title loans?

A title loan is a secured short-term loan, which means you need collateral to get it. As the name implies, this is your car that must act as collateral. However, if you apply for other types of title loans, you can also use any other vehicle, including jet skis, trucks, boats, yachts, and motorbikes.

How do online title loans work?

You secure a title loan with your car, and lenders are willing to give you from 50% to 90% of its value. You have 30 days to pay off the debt, but you can also ask for an extension if you cannot give the money back on time. If you do not pay off the debt at all, the company will seize your car.

How much can I get with title loans?

The title loan amount depends on the condition of your vehicle and its value. Accordingly, the better your car, the greater the amount available to you. Although most lending companies offer 50%-90% of the value of your vehicle, you may come across lenders that give you only 25%. If that's not enough for you, turn to America Cash Advance for better deals.

How to get the title after paying off the car loan?

Once you pay off the full amount of the loan, your lien is satisfied. So the lender will send you the official release document of your title as soon as possible. You will then need to head to the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state and transfer the car's title to your name.

Where can I get a title loan?

You can get an emergency title loan from a direct lender online or in one of the stores located in your state. But instead of looking for a reliable title loan provider on your own, it's better to turn to America Cash Advance for help. Thus, you will compare all available deals and choose the best one.